close up of a woman handing a hotel employee a gold credit card to use with a tablet

How Phonesuite Works for Select-Service Hotels

Your select-service hotel is just what travelers need. Great service, clean, comfortable rooms, and perks like complimentary coffee and muffins in the morning go a long way towards delighting your guests. Just because you don’t own or manage a massive luxury property doesn’t mean your hotel communication needs should suffer, though. Our services and solutions can help enhance your internal communications, guest services, and more.

Technology Just Like the Big Boys

Although smaller hotels often find it difficult to compete with the larger chains, Phonesuite has dedicated itself to helping bridge the gap via technology. By offering solutions that integrate SIP-trunking and other solutions with whatever phone system you’re currently using, you can begin offering the same level of service to your customers that the “big boys” do. Couple this with the more personal experience of a smaller chain and you have a winning combination.

Customer Service with a Smile

Even though select-service hotels may not be able to offer certain amenities like a workout area or a full restaurant, you’ll discover that many guests simply want to have a pleasant experience during their stay. Phonesuite can help you accomplish this by providing guest information at your fingertips through the use of our Voiceware technology. This personalized experience will ensure that a guest’s stay is the very best that it can be.

Big Communications with Smaller Costs

Traditional phone systems have often been one of the most expensive parts of running a hotel, no matter what size it is. While it’s true that VoIP technology doesn’t offer huge cost advantages like it had for several years, what it does provide is specialized services such as Find Me / Follow Me that give it that little something extra without costing more. The bottom line is that the VoIP technology supplied by the experts at Phonesuite gives you more bang for the buck.

Protection of Your Guests’ Personal Data

It’s no secret: as more and more data moves to the cloud, it becomes vulnerable to hacking and theft. These days, it doesn’t even matter how big or small your company is. If you handle any type of personal data, then you are a target. Phonesuite goes to great lengths to ensure that both select-service and full-service hotels have the most robust data security possible. Our experts will work with you directly to ensure that you’re utilizing the best techniques and technologies available. And, for our part, we offer a Hosted Solution that allows us to monitor any potential or confirmed intrusions and react to them accordingly.

Eliminating Downtime Isn’t Just for Full-Service

Even though guests may not expect anything extravagant when they stay at a select-service hotel, an interruption in communications will severely hurt their overall experience. Phonesuite’s Hosted Solution provides constant monitoring of your communications system, which enables us to detect the slightest problem that could lead to downtime of the system, and then fix it right away. We will keep you informed of any such issues, but on your end, everything will remain seamless.

No matter what size hotel you either own or manage, Phonesuite can help take your communications to the next level. Reach out to one of our experts today and we’ll get you all set up.