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How PhoneSuite Simplifies the VoIP Installation Process

simplifies voip install

Every hotel owner or manager understands the importance of having a robust phone system. They also understand the importance of staying on top of the most advanced technologies available. Where there is sometimes a disconnect, however, is putting those two things together. Because even though a new phone system might be highly advanced and have tons of benefits, the installation of that system can be very daunting.

Many of our clients are initially hesitant about upgrading their current hotel phone system because it’s something new. They’re excited, of course, but they don’t really know how the transition is going to work. To give you an idea, what we’re going to do today is take a look at how Phonesuite simplifies the VoIP installation process so that we can allay some of the fears or concerns you may be having.

Helps You Coordinate Your Providers

Proper coordination with various providers – such as your trunk, internet, PBX, etc. – is critical for a seamless installation of a VoIP phone system. The professionals at Phonesuite will collaborate with those providers to make sure that all of your bases are covered so that the installation goes smoothly.

Walks Through Physical Location

Phonesuite’s technicians will conduct a detailed walk-through of your business and document everything with pictures. This allows them to create a blueprint of what the installation of the new VoIP system will look like, which will save a lot of time on the day of the installation and avoid any problems that could arise without proper preparation.

Figures Out Your Needs Beforehand

Each hotel has different needs depending on variables that include the size of the hotel, its guest capacity, and personal preferences of the new VoIP system. Instead of winging it on the day of the installation, we gather up all of your needs beforehand and plan accordingly.

Goes Over Any Infrastructure Changes

There may be reasons that you want to make changes to your overall infrastructure while we’re conducting the installation. For example, you could desire new types of phones to be included, which means we may need to look into different cabling and other such needs. By knowing any and all changes that you desire, we can simplify the overall process.

Sets Realistic Expectations

The installation of a new VoIP system ensures that you have the newest, most advanced technologies available at your hotel. That being said, it’s important that we work with you to set realistic expectations about the system in order to quell any disappointment. These may include features that aren’t available or those that work differently than you might expect.

Utilizes a Scope of Work Document

A big part of a smooth installation of your hotel’s new VoIP phone system is for Phonesuite to draw up a Scope of Work document. This will detail everyone’s role in the installation – ours, yours, and your vendors’ – to ensure that there are no surprises. Each entity will understand exactly what is expected of them before and during the installation.

Reviews Functionalities of the System

Once the installation of your new VoIP system is complete, Phonesuite will conduct a series of tests and reviews of the system’s functionalities. For example, we’ll practice using the auto attendant, advise staff of mailbox functionality, test reservation protocol for accuracy, and answer any questions that you or your staff may have.
There you have it. Easy peasy, right? Don’t worry if you still have questions, though. The installation of a hotel VoIP system always comes with questions, but luckily for you, the answers are only an email or phone call away. Just reach out to the installation experts at Phonesuite and we’ll take care of everything.