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Phonesuite Solutions: The Right Fit For Your Hotel Investment

At Phonesuite, we know every hotel’s situation is different. Some hotel owners consider the hotel an investment in real estate, intending to add value to the land and position it for others to purchase before moving on to develop the next project.

Others seek to build a diverse portfolio of properties and manage them for the long term at a profit to their investors and stockholders. Still others consider the hotel as a lifelong investment critical to their family and associates as a stable and profitable investment that will allow room to grow.

Each of these investors will look upon the purchase of capital equipment such as a phone system with their particular goals in mind.

How Phonesuite Can Help

At Phonesuite, we offer the necessary communications solution to help each hotelier address their unique and specific investment goals, assisting in achieving their overarching business objectives.

Short-term Investments

Say the hotel is one of many under development by an investment group that will seek to sell the property at a profit once the hotel is operational. In this case, the hotelier will seek the lowest possible cash outlay in the development phase of the project in order to get the required equipment and then sell their interest in the equipment as part of the overall sale to the company or individual that will run the property.

For this hotelier, our Hosted option is the best choice. The hotelier will spend the least amount of cash upfront and then extend the actual service as a monthly expense which will go with the sale of the entire project. The buyer of the project receives a fully working system with a known monthly cost going forward.

Long-term Investments

Conversely, a hotel project may be built as a long-term asset, in which case the goals of the hotelier are quite different. Paying upfront cash for the entire phone system expense may make more sense in this model. Depreciation of capital equipment over time is a more important part of the overall profitability of the property, and this approach allows higher business deductions come tax time instead of simply treating monthly costs in a hosted version as an expense.

In this case, Phonesuite can offer a traditional purchase of the communications solution with a one-time cash outlay and no additional monthly burden for the equipment on the hotel. The business owner will review this with their financial team to make sure this gives the best “bang for the buck” in the long term. A long-term investor’s approach is significantly different from that of the investor in the previous scenario, whose primary concern is the short-term sale of the project.

Talk to Phonesuite Today

Multiple variations of these choices exist and can be tailored to individual needs. Different goals require different programs to maximize efficiency that will work for the hotelier. Regardless of which financing option you choose, the Phonesuite system is the perfect choice for hotel properties as Phonesuite has built its system for the hospitality industry exclusively.

Our CEO is a hotelier himself and was raised in a small hotel property as a child. Our experience and technical know-how along with our awareness of the different goals of hotel owners make us the perfect starting point to consider your overall communications needs. If you’re ready to upgrade your hotel’s communication system or simply curious about the cost, talk to Phonesuite today!