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How Phonesuite Gives Your Room Service That Extra “Oomph”

If your hotel offers room service, you know it’s an essential part of the guest experience. Whether it’s ordering food, requesting a wakeup call, for asking for assistance from the front desk, room service can often make or break a person’s vacation or business trip.

Phonesuite understands that technology is essential in providing the best room service possible to each and every one of your hotel guests. Here are a few ways that VoIP technology and related services have helped to improve guests’ expectations of exceptional room service.

Automation Simplifies Requests

Real human contact is still the best way to deliver exemplary service to your hotel’s guests, but it’s important to realize that automation can go a long way in simplifying many of the requests that a given individual may desire while at your location. Our Voiceware 3.0 software provides a phone tree that can assist with many room service requests and give your staff the edge they need to deliver excellence. It can also be customized in infinite variations, which means your hotel can deliver the services that your guests most desire.

24/7 Availability of Services

Even though hotels are a 24/7 business, it’s a lot easier to handle guest requests in the middle of the night if an automated system can take care of them. This means that if a guest requires a morning wakeup call for 6 a.m. and it’s already 2 a.m, they can be more confident that the request will be fulfilled and executed flawlessly. Every hotelier knows that requests are often made at all hours of the day and night, which makes 24/7 room service availability indispensable.

Frees Up Employees for Better Guest Relations

Room service requests come into the front desk all day and night. Even the simplest of requests can divert an employee’s focus outside of their primary lobby duties. When many of these simple requests come in at once, this can bog down employees and create situations where more sensitive requests take longer to fulfill or rectify than they should, resulting in less-than-optimal customer service. Phonesuite can help you get the most out of VoIP and Voiceware technology so that your employees are freed up to handle sensitive situations in a more timely manner, which means that everyone at your hotel is properly being taken care of.

Escalated Requests Can Be Quickly Forwarded

Room service is a great way to delight your hotel’s guests and enhance their stay with great meals and service. Problems do arise, however, and when this occurs, your guests will want to get in touch with someone to help them right away. Some of these requests are very specific and require the assistance of a higher-up. In the old days, if a request was escalated to a manager and the manager wasn’t at the front desk, this could take time. But thanks to VoIP technology offered by Phonesuite like Find Me/ Follow Me, calls are quickly forwarded to your staff no matter where he or she may be when the request comes in. This streamlined process ensures proper service at all times, regardless of the complexity of the request.

Adding VoIP to your hotel repertoire of technology is an effective way to improve room service and overall guest relations. Reach out to the experts at Phonesuite today and we will help you get started.