Age of Technology

Hotels Need to Stay Relevant in the Age of Technology

Hotel Technology

Are you the type of hotel that is satisfied with the status quo, or are you always looking for ways to improve your guest’s experiences? Although providing high-quality services, cleanliness, and physical comfort are all staples in the hospitality business, the most successful ventures are taking things a step further. These days, customers expect more from their hotel stays, and that includes the technological advancements that will make them feel more at home. At the same time, you can use technology to keep operating costs low.  Providing your guests with high-speed internet connections and hotel VoIP phone systems are among the best ways to meet customer needs and keep costs low. Here’s what your patrons are expecting from you:

Connectivity – Gone are the days when travelers relished the opportunity to “get away from it all.” Today’s hotel guests are bringing it all with them, in the form of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other digital devices. Technology, and accommodations for technology, are now expected from customers. Because of this, hotels must do everything that they can do in order to create an environment that encourages connectivity and interaction with the outside world.

Most modern hotels offer free wireless internet for their patrons, but the best take measures to ensure that all communications portals are up-to-speed. Equipping your rooms with ample plug-in ports and SIP trunking for international travelers and low-cost voice connectivity through advanced hotel phone technology is also necessary if you hope to keep your customers happy. An internet-based phone system could even appear more professional and valuable than older hotel phones. What’s more, many of your hotel guests are recognizing VoIP as a standard mode of
communications as internet telephony become more prevalent for business and personal applications.

Convenience – Another hallmark of a successful hotel is the convenience that it can offer to its patrons. Guests want their stay to be as comfortable and seamless as possible, and the hotel phone system that you utilize can actually make a difference. Newer technologies make it possible for guests to get local weather updates, check out from their guest room phone, and to connect with other rooms or outside lines more easily than ever before. Additionally, new hotel VoIP phone systems can be programmed to display a readout of a patron’s information, including name, room number, and guest’s group and native language, when they call the front desk. This means that your desk attendants will not be required to ask numerous questions of a guest when they call for extra towels or room service, and in multi-lingual locations can immediately answer guest calls in their native tongue. This personalizes the hotel experience.

Cutting-Edge Technology – Your guests want the best of everything. People today connect technology with reliability, and a hotel that is equipped with a state-of-the-art phone system is far more likely to instill a customer with respect and confidence in your establishment than an old, worn-out landline system. Something as simple as the message a guest receives with their wake-up call makes a strong impression about the hotel’s desire to remain modern.  Hotel VoIP phone systems are great because they enable your patrons to access a digital directory for the front desk, plus other hotel services like restaurants. This is far preferable to an unprofessional-looking paper phone insert with contact numbers, or a wakeup call delivered as just a steady tone on the line.

Cost Efficiency – With the economy being what it is, customers are looking to get the most value for their dollar, and to cut down on their spending. For guests that need to make long-distance phone calls from your hotel, or are planning to host a call from your facility’s conference room, a VoIP phone system can make all the difference in the world. Because phone calls are transmitted through your hotel’s internet connection, the cost of telephone long distances is significantly reduced.  You can provide international travelers with a virtual direct line to their native country for less than a dollar a day hotel-wide. As you will be spending less on your long-distance phone bill, you will be able to lower the calling rates charged to your customers, helping them to save money and think more highly of your establishment.

Upgraded your hotel phone system to improve your guest’s experiences?