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Technology Trends That Are Taking the Hospitality Industry by Storm: Part 1

hotel tech trendsTechnology has become such a normal part of our everyday lives that when we come across a business that doesn’t use the latest tech, we tend to punish them by staying far, far away. As a hotel owner or manager, this is something that you must be aware of as you attempt to keep your regular guests coming back and find new guests to draw in.

While you don’t have to keep up with every single technological trend that comes your way, it’s important to know what your competition may be doing and what your guests could be expecting when they are choosing between places to stay. Since there are several types of technology to keep in mind, we’ve split our list into two parts. Here is the first set of technology trends to keep an eye out for:

Smart TVs

Gone are the days of the cumbersome tube TVs with their large remotes and three working channels. Thanks to advancements in technology, it doesn’t cost a lot of money to provide each guest with a Smart TV that can be used to access multiple channels, reach movies on demand,  and perform remote check-out – and those are just a few things that they can do.

Wi-Fi for Everyone (and Free!)

Speaking of Wi-Fi, this type of service has gone down in price over the years to the point where you can provide access to every guest without it costing you a fortune. Something to keep in mind, however, is that it’s no longer okay to make an extra buck by charging for such a service. Having free Wi-Fi is a top priority for guests these days and you must be willing to provide the service free of charge or your competition is likely to win every time.

Voice over Internet Protocol

The hotel phone system that you choose to use will determine how guests and employees interact with each other. Years ago, Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP for short, was an untested technology that only a select few hotels took a chance on. These days, however, VoIP delivers the same level of clarity, if not better, than traditional phone systems, providing better data security, cloud-based business options, and other benefits.

Mobile Concierge

Most guests at your hotel will have a smartphone with Wi-Fi capability that gives them countless options and functionalities. You can use this to your advantage by providing a mobile concierge who can access the amenities of your hotel, send in service requests, order food, etc., all from the convenience of their handheld device.

Online Booking

Today’s average hotel guest is much savvier than he or she had been in the past. Because of this, the idea of calling the hotel to make a reservation has fallen by the wayside. Instead, visitors are booking hotel rooms online in record numbers. If you are not providing this option, then there is a very good chance that potential visitors will head to your competition.

In-Room Tablets

While many of your guests will come equipped with their own tablet, there is something to be said for providing an in-room tablet for them to use. These tablets can be specifically designed for your hotel and used not only for the convenience of the guests but as a revenue stream for you to provide content (easy access to movies, games, etc.) to them.

If you are looking for a great way to keep up with the technology demands of your guests, Phonesuite can help. By switching your hotel phone system to VoIP, you will be utilizing cutting-edge technology that provides guests with voice clarity, data encryption, and communication options. To learn more about how this can improve your hotel, reach out to our experts today.