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Technology Trends That Are Taking the Hospitality Industry by Storm: Part 2

hotel tech trends part 2Technology has become such an integrated part of our lives that most of us can’t imagine living without it. This is not only true for personal use, but for business use as well.

You can no longer run a burgeoning hotel without keeping up with technology as best you can. If you want to stay competitive in the hospitality industry, you’ll need to at least offer a few technological luxuries that your guests will appreciate. Last week, we touched on six of these technologies – which you can read about by clicking here – and now we’re back with five more for the conclusion of this exciting, two-part blog:

Smart Cards

This is one area of hotel technology that you should already be using. As you’re surely aware, smart cards replace traditional keys for gaining access to hotel rooms. These are much more convenient for your guests to carry around, especially since they fit anywhere that a credit card can. And when a card is lost, you can simply block that card from further use and program a new one. Moreover, these smart cards can be used to make purchases at your hotel, which are then paid for at the end of their stay.

Virtual Reality

Don’t worry – we’re not talking about taking people on virtual vacations like they’re in a real-life Total Recall situation. Instead, your hotel can use virtual reality to take potential guests on a tour of your property, the rooms that are available, and any amenities that you offer. The interactive nature of this technology gives each guest the ability to get a taste of what staying at your hotel would be like. The best part is that all these things can be experienced from the convenience of a computer or even a mobile device, which means it can basically be accessed from anywhere.


Voice-Enabled Devices

When touch-enabled devices started becoming commonplace, it was as if a new era of technology had begun. Now we’re seeing the same thing with devices that allow us to speak to them in order to accomplish various tasks. As you might expect, this technology has made its way into an increasing number of hotel rooms. Voice-enabled devices allow guests to control the room’s lighting, access the TV, order room service, and more.

Housekeeping Technology

Taking care of your hotel’s housekeeping needs is still one of the highest priorities for any hotel, and technology is making it easier by the day. There are currently two ways in which this is happening. First, housekeeping software is allowing hotel managers to keep track of each guest’s specific needs and to anticipate the needs of future guests. The second use is for the housekeepers themselves, in which they use a housekeeping robot to assist them with certain duties, thereby lightening their workload.

Robotic Butlers

Many years ago, when the idea of robotics first began seeping into the collective consciousness, people began to envision a future in which we would be waited on hand and foot by robotic servants. While this vision – where every man, woman, and child would have a robot of their very own – has not yet come to pass, the use of robotic butlers in hotels has become very real. Right now, we’re primarily seeing this with room deliveries, but the possibilities are endless.

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