High Impact Product and Solution for the Hospitality Industry

High Impact Product and Solution for the Hospitality Industry

At hotels, technology is always changing and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) offers the most cutting-edge phone system to keep up with all these changes. With an already existing infrastructure in place from phones through wiring right down into medicine cabinets–the latest innovation for hospitality businesses can be easily integrated without sacrificing quality or service by using powerful features such as conference calling that would otherwise cost extra under a typical hotel-$15 per call plus taxes  to create a seamless experience between front desk representatives who need.

Business Model Innovation

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on hotels globally. Business model innovation (BMI) may be one way to recover and thrive in this environment, according to preliminary theoretical observations within the hospitality sector–especially when several businesses have already effectively modified their own strategies as they adapted over time through various stages of development for these changes caused by new events like those associated with Covid 19.

The PhoneSuite VIP platform provides a powerful, yet easy-to-use hotel VoIP-based telephone system that features integrated analog phones and trunks/PRI compatibility. It is perfect for hotels looking to take advantage of cutting-edge technology while still providing the benefits associated with older systems by including simple guest room phone options in addition to its more advanced offerings such as SIP Phones or Trunking capabilities.

5 Special Features:

The PhoneSuite platform is a great way to move into the VoIP world while minimizing risk during your hospitality PBX upgrade or modernization process. It features both modern SIP and VoIP technologies with integrated analog station/trunk interfaces for backward compatibility, which means you can start using it as soon as possible without having any major concerns about going back and forth between old technology styles!

Best of Both Worlds

– Series2 combines a traditional telephony platform (analog endpoints, digital, analog telephone lines) with VoIP technology.

SIP or Analog

– Run the latest SIP phones or you’re existing analog phones in the guestroom –
either way, your staff, and guests can utilize the full set of advanced features available in VoIP.

One Enclosure

– Everything you need is all in one enclosure, simplifying installation and your technology infrastructure.
Today’s Technology
– With powerful, modern administrative features, advanced interaction capabilities, and a new and more efficient approach to front desk communications.


– Voiceware runs any size hotel with the same set of features. No property is too big or too small.

With powerful failover capabilities at the overall system level, as well as analog trunk-level protection against internet outages you can implement VoIP without losing your phone system if there’s a downtime issue on either LAN or Internet access. Newer IP-based PIMS interfaces are integrated into our platform for full compatibility with virtually any existing legacy PSTN/ACT bosses who want to stay up – all while enjoying peace of mind knowing that business will go smoothly even during difficult times!

In addition to an enhanced and expanded suite of guest and front desk hotel system features, this platform provides all the business-side advantages of a full-featured SIP business phone system. Make the simple, inexpensive, obvious transition to VoIP in your hotel with the PhoneSuite platform, powered by Voiceware®.

If you’re curious about the cost, the installation progress, and what a new phone system can do for your hotel, get in touch with Phonesuite today! We’ll explain the product, the process, and how you can get started on an upgrade.