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Google Maps and Google My Business Are Changing the Hospitality Landscape

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Many years ago, when the internet was in its infancy, few people probably ever considered that it would change the world forever. But, as any business person can attest, things are not likely to ever be the same again. And because of that, hotel owners and managers have a lot of opportunities to make their hotels a real success, especially if they’re cognizant of certain elements that affect the hospitality industry.

Everyone is aware of the prominence of Google and the number of review sites that have cropped up on the internet over the years, but many hoteliers don’t understand their real significance. Let’s take a look that’s how these two elements are affecting the way people travel and how they choose to spend their money.

Google Leads the World in Searches

According to a January 2018 report by Net Marketshare, Google leads search engines with nearly 75% of all online searches. Think that’s amazing? On mobile devices, it’s a whopping 93%. These numbers do fluctuate each month, but Google is clearly the one on top, and that means they have an incredible amount of influence when travelers plan a vacation or business trip.

Google Maps Targets Travelers

Since travel is such a huge industry, Google makes it easy for its users to find what they need. For many years now, they’ve offered Google Maps to help people get from one place to another, putting them only a clicks away from local hotels, restaurants, and various attractions in the area where they’ll be traveling. Very often, Maps will even allow you to view a destination at the street level to give visitors a better feel before they arrive.

Google’s New Your Trips Will Improve Organization

In October, Google launched a feature called Your Trips, which organizes a user’s travel plans. The idea behind this feature is to collect research on airline prices, hotel accommodations, and pretty much every type of travel-related piece of information that a person will need for each trip. Whenever a person searches for a popular travel destination, the results will highlight the most important trip-planning info.
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Google My Business Guides Customers in Make Decisions

Review sites like Google My Business, which leads the industry in offering reviews of businesses, have become a normal part of the travel planning process. In fact, the opinions expressed on review sites like Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp will often lead travelers to make a decision on which hotels they should stay in and which they should absolutely avoid.

Google My Business Is Viewed as an Authentic Source for Feedback

As review sites have grown in popularity, so has their integrity. While there have been instances of competitors and negative individuals using sites to hurt a business for issues that have nothing to do with a personal experience, for the most part, feedback found on these sites is legitimate. Visitors trust what they say, which means that it’s important for your hotel to garner positive reviews.

Google My Business Helps Improve Your Hotel’s Brand

A big advantage that your hotel has by appearing on popular review sites like Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp is its ability to help you grow your brand. These sites will help your name get out there, so as long as you treat your customers well and promote positive reviews, this can definitely work to your advantage. In fact, some hoteliers have actively promoted reviews as a way to gain exposure.
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