Hotel Communication Admin Tool

Find Me/Follow Me: An Essential Hotel Admin Tool

Find me/ Follow me Hotel Phone System FeaturesWith technology changing daily it’s amazing all the stuff we see happen as we get older.  With technological advances being made it seems like no matter where we go, our work office can now go with us.  A lot of systems now a days have a feature called “Find Me/Follow Me”.  When I first heard the expression I thought of my youth.  It sounded like a game I might have played with my friends similar to “Hide & Go Seek”.  We can no longer hide with the “Find Me/Follow Me” feature.  People are going to have access to us anywhere we go which is both a good and bad thing.

Leaving town for a business function means that we no longer have to set an “away message” as we can now enable our incoming calls to go to our phones so that it rings all our programmed locations.  The pretty amazing thing is that it can follow a specific order in such a way that it allows the call to ring our desk phone first, our home phone second and our cell phone third.  It can also be set to ring all those phones at the same time so that no matter which location you are at, you can grab it as if it were the first phone in the queue.   You have to love that this would allow us to not be tied to our desk and still be just as available as if we were actually sitting in the office.  Such a feature allows us to work smarter and in this day and age, smarter is the way to go.

If you plan on going away on vacation, you might not want to use this feature as your spouse will likely get so irritated that they just might chuck your phone in the ocean.  I know I would!