Man wearing gray suit expressing stress and regret while sitting in front of a laptop

Don’t Become a Victim of PBX Regret

PBX regretBack in the 90s, hotels pretty much had one option for complex, multi-line phone systems: the PBX. These systems were okay for what they were. They allowed blossoming hospitality businesses to shift away from managing a couple of analog lines or multi-line phones and have a more efficient, streamlined way of handling communications. Even so, PBX systems never quite stacked up to the users’ expectations and never quite fit all of their needs. Of course, that was all before the advent of the cloud, so people had to take what they could get.

This isn’t the case any longer, though. Today, hoteliers have the option to upgrade to internet-based phone and communications networks through VoIP. Businesses that make the unwise decision to go the PBX route instead of VoIP often find themselves with a serious case of PBX regret.

The Anatomy of PBX Regret

It doesn’t take long for PBX regret to set in. If a person is really being honest with himself, he’s probably already having his doubts about going the PBX route to begin with. After all, the hardware is very unappealing and has an extremely dated feel to it. Still, it’s the “old, reliable” system, so how much harm could it really do, right?

Fast forward just a couple of months and the regret will have grown much stronger. By this time, the hotel is beginning to realize the full reality of the long-term commitment they’ve locked themselves into and what a pain in the neck that commitment really is. If the hefty monthly fees for equipment, lines, and service aren’t enough, the hotel is also required to call the service provider each time any changes need to be made, cross their fingers, and hope for the best. On top of everything else, phone calls can’t even be forwarded to mobile phones or devices, which means that it’s next to impossible to keep all of the facility’s staff connected to one another at all times. At that rate, the hotel might as well not even have a phone system!

There was a time when many businesses outside of the hospitality industry were so fed up with the constraints, costs, and limitations of PBX systems that they tossed out their equipment and were willing to switch to just about anything. For a number of enterprises, this meant adopting a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy. Of course, this method doesn’t really work for hotels, where guests expect their rooms to come equipped with a reliable telephone. What’s a hotel to do?

VoIP: A Better Way of Communicating 

Don’t buy into the myth that you’re locked into sticking with a PBX phone system and wind up with PBX regret of your own! Those operating hotels in today’s technological climate have the luxury of opting for VoIP phone systems instead. By leveraging the connectivity of your Internet service and eliminating the need for physical hardware, VoIP can significantly reduce your monthly communications costs while improving your communications experience. With features for your staff (like “Find Me/Follow Me” capabilities) and your guests (think: custom wakeup calls and self-checkout), VoIP will give everyone something to be happy about and absolutely nothing to regret.

Making the switch from a legacy PBX system to VoIP is faster, easier, and more affordable than you think, and once you transition, you’ll never look back! Instead of becoming just another victim of PBX regret, you’ll be building a better future for your hotel and your guests. To learn more about all that VoIP has to offer, we encourage you to reach out to the friendly professionals at PhoneSuite today.