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Cloud Technology and Hotel Profits: Better Together

thumbnail-1-10.jpgSearching for new ways to increase your hotel’s cashflow? Look no further than the cloud! Not only do cloud-based solutions empower you to offer improved services that will boost your bottom line and make your business more profitable, but they also decrease many routine expenses, giving you even more money to play around with. So how does it work, exactly? Read on for more details on how cloud services can keep your hotel in the green.

Trim the Fat

The setup and maintenance costs normally associated with traditional hardware and software can be astronomical, and they can even reduce the overall value of ownership. Opting for cloud-based solutions will eliminate these problems, making it much more affordable and desirable to own your equipment. When it comes time to upgrade the version of the software you’re running, you won’t need to pay for new licenses or for an IT technician to come in and take care of things for you. Instead, updates occur automatically in the cloud so that you’re always using the latest and greatest edition. Maintenance can be done from remote locations, ensuring that your system is always up and running, no matter what — no lost revenue because of a technical glitch.

Simplified Integrations

Hospitality businesses rely on numerous systems and multiple departments, all of which add to the complexities associated with managing hotels. Fortunately, the cloud simplifies integration with other systems, including critical, core hotel systems like PMS, POS, and even telephone networks, for simple, efficient operations. This means that you won’t have to waste time and money on integrating systems — even when your business has to scale. It also makes it a lot easier to share data and information across departments for deeper insights into customer needs and wants, thus enabling you to customize your marketing tactics and services. Ultimately this will lead to an increase in hotel bookings and positive reviews or referrals.

Amp Up Ancillary Revenue

Another great thing about cloud technology is that it offers the ability to consolidate any pertinent information about a specific guest’s stay and that guest’s preference data all into one convenient location. Piggybacking onto simplified, seamless integrations, this offers an in-depth look at what drives your guests’ experiences, from their spending habits to their willingness to offer return business and referrals. It also makes it easier for your marketing team to develop relevant ancillary products, services, or packages to customers that are looking for them, right at the critical hour of need. You’ll make all the right moves during all the right times of the buyer’s journey. 

Make Your Guests Happy

It’s no secret that positive guest experiences and their overall level of satisfaction with their stay at your hotel are key to profitability. In fact, a recent study conducted by the Harvard Review found that customers who indicated that they had the “best experience” at a hotel spent 140% more than those whose experiences were sub-par; and that spending is on top of the revenue you’ll enjoy from customer loyalty and referrals! It’s pretty obvious, then, that you can’t afford not to invest in customer satisfaction. Cloud services and technologies from user-friendly VoIP systems to cloud-based PMS help raise the bar while also making it easy for hotels to offer automated and self-service options that many modern travelers enjoy.

There can be no doubt about the fact that embracing the cloud not only reduces your regular expenses, but it also has the potential to significantly boost your bottom line. Are you ready to start becoming a more profitable hotel today? Give us a call at PhoneSuite to learn more.