SIP Trunks

Can My Hotel Business Rely on SIP Trunks?

Hotel SIP TrunkingAre you considering making the switch from traditional to VoIP telephone service? This is also called “SIP Trunking” and is provided by an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP). Lower monthly cost is the obvious benefit, but are call quality and reliability up to expectations? In most cases the answer is Yes. ITSPs have been steadily improving the quality and availability of service, and there are more and more players competing for business. In many cases telephone service comes bundled with the hotel’s TV and Internet service.

Internet call quality depends on strong network connections all along the path taken by the call including the hotel’s own network, which can be the weakest link. Here are some things to consider before making the switch to SIP trunks.

  • Is the connection to the service provider (ITSP) shared with other hotel networking traffic and does it provide sufficient speed (bandwidth)?
  • Is there a redundant connection that can automatically take over if the primary Internet connection fails?
  • Is the hotel’s network designed to support Internet telephony by giving calls priority over other traffic?
  • Will separate traditional telephone connections be required to support FAX machines and 911 emergency calling?
  • How much downtime will the hotel experience during the cutover to SIP trunks?

These are difficult technical questions to answer and require consultation with someone expert in both traditional and IP telephony and network engineering. PhoneSuite recommends you choose a reseller who is conversant with these technologies. In many cases the reseller will recommend a SIP trunking provider based on the experience of other customers in your area. Also ask fellow hoteliers who have already made the switch to SIP trunks how satisfied they’ve been with the new technology. Working with the right reseller partner is the best way to ensure success with the transition to Internet telephony.

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