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The Benefits of a VoIP Provider That Specializes in the Hospitality Industry

The decision to upgrade your hotel’s communications system to Voice over Internet Protocol is often not an easy one. When you do make the switch, it is imperative that the VoIP provider you choose instills you with the utmost confidence. When the provider has the experience, this makes the installation procedure go more smoothly and ensures the very best results as your hotel utilizes the technology.

The best type of provider is one that specializes in your specific industry, as they are typically best suited to handle certain specifics that a non-knowledgeable provider most likely would not. Phonesuite has chosen to serve the hospitality industry, and today we’re going to explain how this benefits our existing clients and how it will benefit you.

They Know How Hotels Operate

Even though the use of a communications system has a lot of similar factors between all industries, it is important that the VoIP provider you choose understands how hotels operate on a regular basis. We’re not saying they need to be full-fledged experts on all of the intricacies involved, but they must have a basic knowledge of what the daily operations look like. This will help them in ensure both a smooth installation and reliable operation based on your hotel’s needs.

They Can Help You Scale More Efficiently

As your hotel grows from its current state, you may feel the need to expand, whether that means improving your current facility, starting a new location, or simply adding more technology to your guest offerings. Each of these situations is likely to require an expansion of your VoIP system as well. A provider who is already well-versed in how your hotel’s system functions will be able to assist you with scaling more efficiently.

They Understand the Operational Needs of a Hotel

Each business has different operational needs, and that can definitely be said about the hospitality industry. Hotels often require VoIP options like Follow Me / Find Me, voicemail, call forwarding, and various other elements that are meant to improve your basic operation. When a VoIP provider understands the operational needs of a hotel, they can more easily pinpoint areas that need improvement or identify areas of possible expansion and upgrade.

They Realize How Damaging Downtime Can Be

Many businesses are deathly afraid of downtime because of the damaging effects that it can have on a hotel’s reputation and bottom line. When a hotel communications system goes down, even for a short time, you can expect people to flock to sites like Facebook and Yelp in order to share their dismay and anger over the situation. A VoIP provider that specializes in the hospitality industry will take this to heart and work tirelessly to prevent even a moment of downtime.

They Understand Your Trepidation in Upgrading

Let’s face it – upgrading an entire communications system is scary! Your hotel has probably been doing pretty well over the years with the old system, so you’re feeling a bit of trepidation when the idea of switching to VoIP comes up. This is exactly why you need a VoIP provider who has dedicated itself to the hospitality industry from the get-go. They will be able to allay your fears by explaining every step of the process, especially how it relates to your hotel’s communications needs.
As you can see, the best VoIP provider to choose for your hotel is one that specializes in the hospitality industry. When you’re ready to upgrade your hotel’s communications system to VoIP, give the experts at Phonesuite a call. We’ll make sure that the transition goes smoothly.