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Balancing Self-Service and Personal Interaction at Your Hotel

Running a hotel is a delicate balancing act. On the one hand, your hotel staff must create and nurture personal relationships with guests through meaningful face-to-face interactions. On the other, modern technology brings some impressive self-service options, like in-room check-out services through your VoIP telephone system. Should you be focusing on personal interactions, or should you put more emphasis on self-service?

The answer is both. Personal interactions and self-service are two very different yet equally important focuses for any hotel. While modern consumers expect high-tech touches that empower them to handle certain tasks independently, they also want to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with personalized services. Having the ability to offer the best of both worlds is what will set your hotel apart and keep your guests satisfied.

Traditional Hospitality

Traditionally, hotels have taken measures to wait on their guests hand and foot. Carrying a customer’s luggage to their room, hand-delivering fresh, fluffy towels, providing personal wake-up calls, and numerous other in-house services make patrons feel valued and enhance their overall experience.

Hotels also encourage their staff to take an interest in their guests, learning their names and providing them with tips for navigating the local hot spots. These types of interactions can take a guest’s stay to the next level, increasing the likelihood of positive referrals and return business.

Modern Touches

Besides enjoying the traditional hospitality offered through personal interactions with hotel staff, guests now expect hotels to be equipped with state-of-the-art technology. These are the modern touches that will make their stay more convenient.

Self-service kiosks and mobile check-in processes, for example, can enable a guest to skip a long line at the front desk after a long day of traveling. VoIP phone systems can make it simple for an individual to set up a wake-up call in moments. Mobile apps enable patrons to set up and order services within the hotel. The speed and convenience make a positive and lasting impression on guests.

Combining Hospitality and Technology

Finding a balance between traditional hospitality and modern self-service options will help you achieve your business’s highest level of success. While a guest might enjoy being able to check in and out remotely, they’ll still appreciate being addressed by name as their information pops up on a console screen when calling the front desk. Another guest might love being able to schedule laundry or dry cleaning services from a mobile app but will also be touched by a personal gesture like returning the clothing with a handwritten note.

Hotel guests appreciate both self-service options and personal interactions individually, but that doesn’t mean that the two should remain separate from one another. By marrying both types of services, you can create a custom hotel experience that’s as unique as each of your guests.

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