Advantages to Having Your Hotel Phone System Monitored by NOC

Advantages to Having Your Hotel Phone System Monitored by NOC

  • Hotel NOC phone system monitoringAs the manager or owner of a hotel, you understand the importance of a reliable communications system. If your hotel’s phone network was to go down, for example, chaos would ensue. Without the phones up and running, future guests would not be able to contact your facility, and current guests would be unable to connect with the front desk attendant, one another, or with outside lines. All of these circumstances are bad for business and will detract from your patrons’ experiences.

With this knowledge in mind, it can be difficult for hoteliers to make the decision to switch from a traditional landline system to a hotel VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system. In fact, one of the biggest concerns that hotels have with regard to an Internet-based phone system has to do with the uncertainty that the connection will be as fast or as reliable. Can you really trust that your phone system will be operational around the clock? That’s where a professional Network Operations Center (NOC) comes into play.

When you feel confident that you can count on your NOC, you can stop worrying about the dependability of your phone network and start enjoying all of the benefits that an advanced VoIP phone system has to offer. We’re proud to provide our customers with stellar service from our own NOC so that they can focus on what they do best – running their hotels. Here’s a look at what you can expect:

Fast, Reliable Connectivity – For obvious reasons, it is imperative that your phone system is constantly up and running at peak performance levels. Unless you have a fully operational IT support team that is employed by your facility to monitor the phones, though, you won’t have the ability to guarantee fast and reliable connectivity. In cases like these, our NOC can step in to keep an eye on things for you, ensuring that your hotel phone network will always be at its best.

Continuous Monitoring – For the majority of hotels, it is simply not practical to have an in-house staff invest the time in monitoring their phone systems around the clock. It is often a lot more cost-efficient and effective to rely on a NOC to monitor your network’s speed, connection, bandwidth needs, and potential problems. The professionals working in our NOC are trained to keep track of what is going on with your hotel’s phone system at all times.

Prompt Incident Response – In the event that a problem does arise within your phone network, it is very important that it is responded to and corrected as quickly as possible. Because our NOC is continuously monitoring your hotel’s phone system, experienced professionals can immediately alert you to any issues that need to be addressed, and work to troubleshoot and repair them right away – without ever having to set foot on your property. Remote assistance will work out the problem fast and affordably.

Helpful Insights – You may not fully understand all of the needs of your hotel’s phone network, but an expert will. Through monitoring and constantly tending to your phone system, our NOC will be able to make helpful suggestions based on their professional insights. For instance, if those manning the NOC happen to notice that your system is having trouble handling call volumes, they may suggest that you increase your system’s bandwidth.

When all has been said and done, a hotel VoIP phone system that is properly monitored by a professional NOC will be extremely reliable and is a great investment in your business. How could our NOC work to improve communications within your hotel?