woman wearing a navy suit talking on the phone behind a hotel concierge desk with a brick wall in the back

5 Reasons That Your Small Hotel Should Be Using VoIP

use voipThe hotel industry has seen its share of ups and downs over the years, and many smaller hotels often find themselves struggling to keep up with their competition. If you want your small hotel to stay competitive in today’s market, then it’s imperative that you provide the latest and greatest innovations that technology can offer to your guests and employees.

This includes the hotel phone system that you choose to use for communications. As you might expect, we’d put our money into the installation of a VoIP setup. What’s so great about Voice over Internet Protocol? Here are five benefits that will help you give your guests and employees what they need:

Fantastic Call Quality

One of the most important aspects of any hotel phone system is the quality of the calls being made by both the guests of your hotel and its employees. While many people still remember how questionable VoIP was in this regard, that’s no longer a factor. The call quality of Voice over Internet Protocol has evolved since its early days and now features call quality that is on par with, and often better than, a traditional phone system.

Cost Efficiency

Many businesses that choose VoIP as their go-to phone system have done so because of the lower cost involved. Your small hotel will save on the initial installation, monthly charges, upgrades, handsets, and other such expenditures. A VoIP phone system also gives you the ability to effectively utilize teleconferencing and video conferencing, both of which will save you on travel costs and make your hotel more efficient.

Improved Productivity

The last thing you want your employees or guests to experience is a little game called “phone tag.” You know it well – you’re trying to get someone on the phone and that person is momentarily away, so you’re forced to hunt them down or make an additional call later in the day. This creates a terrible experience, especially for your guests, which can keep them from returning to your hotel. VoIP takes this out of the equation by allowing phone numbers to be set to ring on multiple devices, which means an incoming call will follow an employee no matter where he or she goes.

Better Scalability

When you install a traditional phone system and then later realize that your needs aren’t being met, it can be both time-consuming and costly to scale. This can create a negative experience for your guests and employees, as it prevents them from properly communicating with each other. A VoIP system can be quickly upgraded to handle additional call volume as your hotel grows, so you don’t have to worry about that any longer. And if you discover that the VoIP system you’ve installed is actually too robust for your needs, you can effortlessly scale it down, too.

Effective Privacy

Security has become one of the hot topics in every industry. Thanks to multiple data breaches that businesses have been forced to deal with in recent years, hotel guests (and customers overall) have become weary of dealing with older technology. They want something that will protect them from intrusion. VoIP has been providing such security for many years. It utilizes standardized encryption protocols that help keep calls secure. That’s something traditional phone systems simply cannot offer.

Voice over Internet Protocol will change the way that your small hotel does business, and the best way to make that happen is to partner up with the professionals at PhoneSuite. Reach out to us when you’re ready to upgrade your phone system or if you have any questions, and we’ll help take your hotel to the next level.