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5 Reasons Hotels Are Making the Move to Managed Voice

What’s Managed VOICE? It’s a proprietary VoIP (voice over internet protocol) system developed by Phonesuite, designed specifically for hotels and implemented in more than 6000 hotels over the last 25 years.

VoIP phone systems are the way of the future. Untethered from traditional infrastructure like copper wires and phone cord ports in the wall, VoIP calls are made over your existing internet connection. So why make the switch? We can think of a few reasons.

1. Cost Savings

Every hotelier knows that the margins in the hotel business can be razor thin — anywhere you can cut costs is a major boon to your business. Installing traditional phone systems can be an enormous expenditure, involving construction, electrical work, and new hardware costs — all the things you can avoid with a VoIP system.

Instead, a VoIP system sends and receives calls on your existing internet connection, using a relatively tiny amount of bandwidth that won’t interfere with the rest of your online operations. Adding and removing lines is as simple as a software update, with no installation or engineering required.

Best of all, there’s no upfront capital expenditure throwing off your budgets for the whole quarter. Instead, we charge a simple monthly rate that covers installation, maintenance, and support for all your systems. In our 25 years of installing and managing VoIP systems, we’ve found that our customers will save substantially on their monthly phone costs compared to a traditional system.

2. Scalability

We touched on this above, but the flexibility and scalability of a VoIP system is unparalleled by any other communications solution. If you want to add a new phone line to an old, analog system, you have to physically install a phone line — a copper wire that runs to a port in the wall into which you plug a phone. Want to change the number for that phone, move it to a different room, or change the number that it calls from? Tough luck — you can’t.

With a VoIP phone, all you need is a wall outlet to create a new phone line. Plug in a VoIP-enabled handset, set up the new line using your Phonesuite software, and you’re ready to go. Want to move that phone to a different room and still keep the same number? Or keep it in the same room, but change the phone number? It’s as easy as changing the setting in our browser-based software.

If your hotel grows, scaling up to meet new demand is easy. Or if you decide that the system you’ve installed is more robust than you need, you can scale back down. There’s simply no other option that’s as flexible, adaptable, and future-proof as a VoIP system.

3. Employee Efficiency

Your staff are talented, smart, problem-solving people. Their time is best spent on in-person interactions with guests, monitoring operations in the hotel, and solving problems to ensure that your guests have the best possible stay.

But inevitably, your staff will spend a substantial amount of time on things that are not a good use of their abilities — booking wake-up calls, forwarding phone calls to the proper department, and answering basic questions like the hotel’s street address, pool hours, or when breakfast is served.

With a VoIP system, you can customize your PBX system to fit the exact needs of your hotel. Room service and wake-up calls can be automated. Phone trees can send guest calls directly to the restaurant, conference center, events booking, or maintenance without involving the front desk at all. Check-in, check-out, and even booking can be done over the phone. Recorded messages can answer basic questions. Whatever you’d like your phone system to do, you can configure a VoIP system to do it.

Managed VOICE from Phonesuite will take over the menial, repetitive tasks from your staff, enabling them to use their customer service abilities to help the guests that matter most — those right in front of them.

4. Privacy and Security

In every industry, but especially in the tech world, privacy and security are paramount. Hotels haven’t been immune to major data breaches — millions of hotel guests have had their information compromised in the last few years, eroding trust and hurting their bottom lines.

With VoIP systems, all data is transmitted through the internet rather than through analog phone lines. Since the data that comprise your VoIP phone calls is digital, it can be encrypted with the same highly-secure protocols that banks and other online entities use — a far more secure setup than a traditional phone system.

5. Additional Features

Depending on your hotel’s needs, VoIP systems like Managed VOICE can offer a huge array of other features that are expensive or even impossible with traditional phone systems.

One example is mobility. If your hotel has a small staff, your front desk attendant might occasionally need to step away from the desk to help a guest or check on the hotel. If the phone rings, it’ll simply have to go to voicemail. With a VoIP system, you can set up forwarding with the push of a button that will send the call to their cell phone instead, without any interruption to the caller.

VoIP also offers expanded business features. Conference calling no longer requires multiple lines or additional costs to connect several callers at once. Your hotel’s business centers can be set up to incorporate video calls, voice calls, and callers from laptops and desktops as well as traditional phones.

If your hotel works with a lot of international clients, you know how expensive international calling and faxing can be — but not with a VoIP system. Calling and faxing over an internet connection is faster, cheaper, and more reliable than using a traditional phone system.

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