10 Reasons to Buy American Product

10 Reasons to Buy American-Made Hotel Phone Systems

Hotel Phone Systems Made in the US

Investing in a phone system that was made in the U.S., like those manufactured by PhoneSuite, will provide you with numerous benefits, and will help you to do your part to help our country. Here’s how:

  • 10. Safety for Workers – Unlike American labor standards and safety laws, foreign regulations may allow for unsafe conditions for workers. Buying American helps to protect workers and fight against child labor. In addition, American standards enforce testing and compliance to ensure that all products are safe for use.
  • 9. American Economy – For obvious reasons, making the decision to purchase an American-made phone system for your hotel will help put money back into U.S.-based manufacturers, boosting the economy and supporting its growth.
  • 8. Environment – For the most part, the processes employed by American manufacturers are cleaner and safer for the environment than in other countries.
  • 7. Fair Wages – In addition to protecting the physical safety of workers, buying phone systems manufactured in the U.S. will ensure that you are putting money towards a company that adheres to fair wage laws, and adequately compensates its employees. Buying foreign could mean supporting a business that exploits its workers and does not pay them fairly.
  • 6. National Independence – The more that the United States continues to grow industrially, the more we are able to rely on our own resources instead of depending on other countries for support. As we continue to become more independent, we will also have the ability to bring more business back to America, which will help our country thrive.
  • 5. Financial Freedom – Currently, the US is facing a large trade deficit which can lead to excessive borrowing from other countries. Purchasing a domestically manufactured phone system will mean that you are doing your part to lower this trade deficit, effectively keeping our money and our jobs back at home.
  • 4. Protection of Consumers – Often, the safety standards of foreign-made products are not as rigid or extensive as that of those here in America. Although it may sound shocking, tens of millions of items shipped to the US contain poisonous levels of lead. If you buy an American-made phone system, you can rest assured that all consumer protection laws and safety standards will be adhered to.
  • 3. Quality – Although overseas products may tend to be cheaper, it’s for a reason. Often, these manufacturers use inferior, low-quality products. This is not the case with phone systems that are developed here on our own home soil.
  • 2. Job Security – Purchasing phone systems and other products made in the US helps to secure jobs for honest, hard-working Americans, as opposed to driving our work overseas.
  • 1. Our Future – Ultimately, “buying American” is about helping to sustain the successful future of the United States. Purchasing an American-made phone system for your hotel will make you feel good about your ability to make a difference – both for now, and for the future of our country.


Are you ready to step up to the plate and support our nation by purchasing an American-made phone system?