two story hotel lobby with large lighting, a stone wall, front desk with wood accents and two computer monitors, and a large hanging ceiling decoration. tones of brown, yellow, white, grey and gold

Phonesuite Engineering & Deployment Process

Our standards ensure a smooth and timely deployment of your communications platform.

Phonesuite’s Phased Deployment

As part of ensuring our core value of delighting our customers, Phonesuite has devised a 6-phase design, deployment, and support process. Each deployment plan contains over a hundred tasks and is managed by one of our factory Project Managers to ensure quality results.

Phase 1: Information Gathering

Dedicated Phonesuite team captures all scope of work and works with customer to identify communications goals to benefit hotel staff support and enhance overall guest experience.

warmly colored hotel lobby with tan tiled floors, wood accents on the furniture and hotel desk, wood paneled ceiling

Phase 2: Design

Phonesuite engineers review the network, telephony and infrastructure requirements to ensure Managed VOICE platform easily integrates into the hotel’s existing environment while achieving all communication requirements. Once complete, Phonesuite Sales Team provides the customer with a Budgetary Quote or Formal Proposal.

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Phase 3: Pre-Installation

Lead Sales Account Manager oversees the business relationship between the customer and Phonesuite, while the Phonesuite Deployment Team answers preliminary questions or concerns about the installation process. An initial Pre-Installation kick-off meeting is scheduled with the customer and Deployment Team to ensure full transparency and management of the deployment process.

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Phase 4: Onsite Deployment

To ensure a seamless process, Onsite Deployment is managed by a factory team, consisting of a Project Manager, Lead Onsite Engineer, Remote Tier3 Engineer with local Factory-Trained techs onsite as necessary.

man with a suitcase holding his card up to a hotel employee standing behind the desk and a man in a black suit standing behind talking on the phone, waiting to talk to the employee

Phase 5: UAT/QA Testing

Lead Onsite Engineer oversees the testing of the entire Managed VOICE platform, including making test calls and administering a QA Checklist with onsite hotel customer liaison. Onsite training is conducted with hotel staff to familiarize them with features and functionality of the Browser Console, Configurator, Reporting and overall phone operation.

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Phase 6: Support Process

Ongoing Support features:

  • 24/7 Proactive Monitoring and Factory-Maintained Call Center
  • Lifetime “No Questions Asked” Warranty on all Phonesuite manufacture equipment
  • Upgrades on all Phonesuite manufactured hardware and software
  • Free Move, Adds and Changes (MAC) configuration changes
  • Free daily encrypted backups for “peace of mind” disaster recovery
  • Rapid Call Center and Onsite Response
warmly colored hotel lobby with tan tiled floors, wood accents on the furniture and hotel desk, wood paneled ceiling
hotel bar room with couches red carpet and an outdoor sitting area

Salado, TX

“With Phonesuite it is easy to transfer calls to and from the console. We are able to put calls on hold while answering several incoming lines. I like that the console displays the name and room number of the guest calling. Phonesuite is quicker, faster and more efficient than any other system that we have used.”

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