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Tim Mayes serves as COO of Phonesuite, focusing on the critical functional areas across the organization including the alignment of computer technologies, business processes, manufacturing and people, to achieve the corporate direction and goals. Tim is dedicated to implementing efficient work-flow and business processes that achieve continuous improvement throughout the company.

Tim believes that the complexity of all business challenges are the result of interaction of your People, Processes and the Technology in use. His long-standing philosophies on organizational excellence and his trust in Phonesuite’s vision drive his commitment to working with the team on measuring performance standards, organizing, leading, and establishing a winning team.

Tim’s extensive experience includes management and organizational development, Information Technology management, and technical specialties, such as APICS Certification, Superfund site management and various accounting practices. He has successfully repositioned and turned-around several companies in a consulting capacity, including the growth of a hardware company with $ 1.5 million in sales to a market leader with gross sales of $ 400 Million in a 5-year period; the repositioning of a company in a declining market to control 76% of the world market from a position of 30%; and reducing client call backlog headcount by 33% in a client service support organization, to name a few.

Tim holds a BA from CSU-Fresno with a minor in statistics. After college, he had significant growth and training in Clinical Psychology, Organizational Development, and Change Management.

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