Angela Koslowski photo

Angela Koslowski

Director of Customer and Product Support

Angela Koslowski is the Director of Customer and Product Support who works directly with Phonesuite’s customer base as their advocate. She focuses on how to better serve the company’s channel partners and end-consumers. She is a master at nurturing relationships, listening to and responding to feedback and concerns, and helping to resolve any issues that arise.

Angela’s conviction that the customers are the driving force for Phonesuite guides her to always do the right thing for both the customer and the company.

Angela’s experience in the hospitality industry came early in her career, working both the front desk as well as back-end of the hotel.  She has found this industry to be her calling and is aligned with Phonesuite’s focus in serving hospitality exclusively.

Angela is a family-oriented individual who spends lots of time with her family enjoying the great outdoors.

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