A strong Networking Tech for IP-PBX Deployment is Essential to a Successful Deployment

Hotel It TechnicianHaving a strong networking tech on staff should be a must for every reseller who installs an IP-PBX in hotels.  Most phone system reseller have a strong background in TDM but limited networking or IT tech on staff.  With the advent and growing popularity of VoIP technology, there is now a more pressing need to have a trained Network Tech at your disposal.  Whether that be a Network Tech or IT Administrator, you will need one on contract, or as a member of your staff. 

Installing IP-PBX technology has more facets to it than installing a TDM PBX.  You need to do a site evaluation of the customers’ existing network to see if you are able to install the VoIP solution without adversely affecting the existing network.  Most good Network Tech should be able to do a complete network evaluation and know if the network will work with the IP-PBX.  Network Techs should also be able to evaluate if there is a need to build a separate network for voice, or use to the existing administrative network.

Being able to install and troubleshoot the network for the VoIP install is key.  Network Techs should know what needs to be done ahead of any IP-PBX install.  This might include opening ports, port forwarding, getting IP addresses, and perhaps configuring a new router.  After the Network Tech participates in a couple of IP-PBX installs, will become more proficient and knowledgeable for future installations.