Moving to Voice Over Internet Protocol

With smartphones ruling guests’ interaction both personally and with brands, it is only natural that they expect the same type of technology and convenience when staying in a hotel. One of the ways to meet this demand is to provide an interactive, feature rich, phone system that allows for the flow and efficiency that guests are looking for. 

VoIP technology is a term that you have probably heard thrown around lately. VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is the product of technology of today improving telephone systems across different industries. However, for the hotel industry, the conversion from the old SIP systems has been slow going due to the perceived cost of implementing a VoIP system. 

What many hoteliers don’t know is that most PBX systems can support this new technology, and that there is more than one way of moving the property to this new technology based on budget.  The other side of the coin is utilizing the new technology features for additional revenue streams. For example, offer groups ways to reach out to their attendees through personalized messages that welcome them to the event, and then leave daily agendas, meeting notes, special messages, etc. for an additional fee. Another option would be to allow calls from the property to converge with guests’ cell phones for added convenience. 

Hotels that are utilizing the new VoIP technology are reaping the benefits of increased staff efficiency, improved customer service, and have seen a decrease in overall telephone operating costs. The best way to gauge if your property is ready to move to VoIP is to do a property and cost-savings analysis. To schedule your free analysis, click hereand we will be in touch soon.